Our service extends far beyond our comprehensive project management tools.  Handling complex projects every day, we bring a depth of technical understanding that only high-quality engineering and construction professionals can offer. On every project, our focus is to achieve an outcome which is strategically and commercially optimal.

Our specific services menu shows our approach to each of our skill sets.

Crucially, we have a Client-centric project management approach whereby we integrate closely with our Client teams to work in a highly aligned and strategic manner. We proactively drive the achievement of their goals and vision.

The Cobalt approach is simple – we combine the ability to build relationships with sound technical knowledge, experience, versatility and a clear project structure. We operate at a strategic level where we align ourselves with our clients’ goals and vision, whilst ensuring best project management practices and healthy processes are implemented.

We work routinely across all project phases, not only with our Client teams but also with project consultants and contractors. Our relentless enthusiasm fuels our success and that of our Clients.

Site inspections; we have a very broad experience base, and we often act as “eyes and ears “ on site, reviewing progress against programme, photographic records and reporting, snagging, problem solving etc.

Whether our clients operate in the residential, education or other sectors where estates management is business critical, we find ways to maximise outcomes in financially constrained environments. Our procurement expertise, vision and technical capabilities provide significant tangible benefits which often surpass our Clients’ initial aspirations to achieve optimal and transformative results.
In many cases, we are able to act as Planning Agent on behalf of our client applicants. We manage the end-to-end planning process, working closely with project consultants and contractors to firstly achieve a compliant application and then the clearance of any associated conditions. When necessary, we carry out pre-application consultations with the LPA’s Planning Officer.
We are able to fulfil contract administration roles as defined by a variety of contracts, including JCT, NEC, ICE, PPC2000, IChemE Red Book, and FIDIC Red Book . Sound, pragmatic and diligent administration is a bedrock of a successful project. Our wealth of contractual experience and our diligent approach is valued by our Clients.
Healthy, well-managed projects require accurate control of project costs and proactive management to maximise value. Clients who commission our services not only receive this as standard, but also benefit from our deep industry insight and risk-aware approach.

We provide accurate cost estimation and cost monitoring, value engineering, optimised procurement strategies and contract provisions, cost reporting, and claims management.

Minimising financial risks and enhancing project efficiency, our team is able to provide a full range of cost advice and management services including:

  • Cost estimation
  • Experience of all major forms of contract
  • Advice on procurement options
  • Preparation of tender documents, including full bills of quantities where necessary
  • Tender review and analysis
  • Post contract valuation service
  • Final accounting
  • Claims assessment
  • Clear and concise reporting
Clients who commission our services benefit from our deep industry insight and risk-aware approach.  From inception of a project right up to completion, Cobalt always puts in place our tried and tested risk management process.

At the core of this is a developed risk management tool, and the skill is in the application of considerable lateral thinking to ensure that all project risks are identified early and mitigated as far as possible. We know that ensuring effective risk management hinges upon the timely communication and follow up with relevant parties.

At the outset of each project, we set about aligning ourselves with the Clients’ aspirations, requirements and constraints, along with the bespoke requirements of the project. Once a shared mindset with the client is in place, we set up the project for success by identifying appropriate processes, appointing strongly-suited people and teams and seeking to nurture a healthy project culture.

One of our key strengths is in master programming where we ensure that the project begins with the end in mind and that the team works to a challenging but achievable timeline. A cornerstone of our service is our ability to provide situational and thought leadership, not only to the Client team but also to the extended project team. Where necessary, we challenge the status quo and seek optimisation through options assessments.

Procurement is simply defined as the acquisition of goods and services. Yet, when applied to construction projects, within this broad statement, lays many a complexity that must be defined and understood to yield the best value and reduce project risk.

We pride ourselves on being able to understand the needs of each project. For example, a simple or repetitious form of building may benefit from a design and build approach. Success with more bespoke or design-orientated schemes relies on a high level of pre-contract design definition. It is this understanding of the contract approach and the presentation of the right information at the right time that instigates a successful procurement process.

Examples of our experience:

  • Traditional fully designed projects
  • Design and build
  • Two stage tendering
  • Negotiated tenders
  • Cost plus contracts
  • Partnered contracts with incentivisation
We proactively use our programming competencies and software packages to create an ambitious but realistic timeline with clarity on the projects critical path. But we go further when appropriate by testing scenarios to discover and prove optimisation options and also to ensure that complexities and constraints are fully revealed.

Successful projects are underpinned by the right contracting approach. We apply our expertise by selecting the right form of contract that balances risk and liability correctly, and we advise many of our clients on the content and administration of this.

Our experience covers:

  • JCT Suite of contracts, including traditional and design and build
  • NEC3 Contract
  • ICE Works (Now ICC)
  • PPC 2000 Partnering contracts
  • EPC Contracts
  • Bespoke contracts for specialist suppliers

We also have detailed knowledge of the various options and typical amendments applied to contracts. Contract advice is usually wrapped up in our full Project Management Service, although we can provide standalone contract advice, if required.

To assist with options assessment and appraisals, we often undertake project feasibility studies for our clients.  These may include general site assessments, spatial arrangements, facilities provision and the associated cost estimation.  Our experience and strength in conducting value engineering exercises assists greatly with the determination of optimal proposals which offer the client tangible financial and/or programme benefits.

Construction projects have the capacity to present significant risks which, if not managed correctly from the outset, may materialise. We have been appointed in situations where projects have already commenced and have subsequently encountered difficulties. Our capabilities enable us to step in and quickly establish the difficulties faced by the Client. We then prepare and implement project rescue plans, with the aim of minimising our Clients ongoing exposure to risk, so as to bring a satisfactory completion.

The current Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) place specific duties on Clients. Our experienced team hold NEBOSH Construction qualifications and are able to perform the role of CDM Coordinator effectively. We ensure that the Client is fully aware of the duties placed upon them, providing support and assistance, where necessary.

We frequently carry out the duty of CDM Principal Designer on our projects.

Many of our Clients need to engage local residents and the public due to the sensitivities of their projects. Cobalt have considerable experience in chairing consultations and presenting to the public and third parties, enabling our Clients to ensure that accurate and objective information is imparted to the wider community.  This is particularly important when projects are initially contentious. We ensure that accurate records of public consultation meetings are taken and our Consultants have confident presentational and public speaking skills to ensure positive outcomes.

Our work can at times extend beyond the project management of the design, construction and commissioning phases.  We are able to successfully develop and implement Operations & Maintenance corporate compliance systems, which comprehensively cover business-critical areas such as the health, safety and environmental policy and management systems, alongside with “fit-for-business” maintenance regimes.

Cobalt understand the practicalities of project financing and technical challenges of projects.  This positions us perfectly to offer a full suite of monitoring services for banks and investors. Our services include:

  • Front-end feasibility analysis and due diligence
  • Review of pre-contract stages ensuring correct procurement processes
  • Programme review during the works
  • Financial assessment and valuation
  • Risk monitoring
  • Post completion evaluation

Our goal is to safeguard the investors’ interests at all times, and to contribute to the project in a way that delivers a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

Some existing and prospective Clients seek our “second opinion” regarding their business and project plans.  We review and optimise project execution processes, governance and contracting strategies.  We undertake review of business goals and challenges, all on an objective and confidential basis.