Recent years have seen our business develop further, building upon our renewables reputation to provide project management services to energy providers.  Whether it be battery storage installations, infrastructure upgrades or embedded generation, our consultants are able to consider all of the required deliverables to make sure delivery is planned and implemented.  Our recent track record of delivering energy storage facilities is an example of the repeat business we receive and a testament to the value that our energy Clients see in our management services.

Barn Energy and Eelpower are commercial developers and owner operators of renewable power stations and battery storage facilities and the success of our business is in the delivery of effective, safe and timely projects followed by efficient management of operations and maintenance.  Cobalt has consistently delivered for us while bringing strategic insight and control to the most important steps in our business, and has always done so in a comprehensible and light-touch way.

Cobalt understands and conveys our operating philosophy, which adapts as the energy systems, markets and regulations evolve.  When representing us, Cobalt is extremely professional and makes a fair but tough contract counterparty for our contractors.  Having Cobalt on board through all of our energy projects to date has been a critical factor in our success, ever since they delivered the first ground-mounted solar PV farm in the UK back in 2011.

Mark Simon, CEO – Barn Energy Limited and Eelpower Limited